Are your actions aligned to your values?

The big theme of 2021, from an astrological perspective has been independence and freedom.

  • from old outdated ways of thinking, doing, being to a way of LIVING that reflects our sovereign nature.
  • of expression, where we are inspired to share our authentic truth, what we care about and live according to our deepest truest values.

This theme has amped up since mid-June (the 2nd Saturn Uranus square) and in the month of July and August will amplify even more.
Last week, we had Mars in Leo activate this square, by opposing Saturn (rules) and squaring Uranus (daring to awaken our genius)
This week, we have Venus doing the same thing!
Clearly, Divine Feminine (Venus) and Divine Masculine (Mars) are on the same page here!
And on July 13th, Venus and Mars meet (visible in the night sky) at 18 deg Leo!

This is dynamic energy that is inspiring us to break away from old rules and find our own individuality.
Going forward, it’s going to be very hard and icky to do the things we don’t care about anymore!

To work with this energy, here are some questions to consider in your own life:

  • What lights up your heart?
  • What represents you and your uniqueness?
  • In what ways do you respect & support your unique expression?
  • In what ways do you respect & support the unique expression of others around you?
  • Are your daily actions aligned with the values you want to live by?

For more, check out Star Signs with Swati on High Vibe TV here, that empowers you with a toolbox of practical wisdom.